LEGO Star Wars 3

Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars
Lego Star Wars 3 - Nintendo Wii
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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Explore endlessly and laugh your way through the Star Wars galaxy? Here we feature the popular Lego Star Wars III availble to you from selected online shops.

For the first time, experience your favority stories from Star Wars: The Clone Wars which is retold in the amazing LEGO world that fans know and love.

"...I sat with him as he played and asked his thoughts on what he does and doesn't like about the game, but all I heard for about 3 hours was "WOW mom look at THIS!!!". He was blown away by this game and said it was more fun than any of the other versions he had ever played. I asked him if there was anything about the game he didn't like, he said not at all....
" Customer Review

You will be able to enjoy brand new game mechanics allowing you to create, control and explore in a galaxy far, far away like never before; with over 20 story-based missions and 40 bonus levels spanning the entire Clone Wars era.

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Lego Star Wars 3 - Playstations PS3

Lego Star Wars III - NintendoDS

Lego Star Wars III - Playstation 3
Lego Star Wars III NintendoDS
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Click to Purchase: Amazon   Ebay  Walmart

LEGO Star Wars 3 - XBOX 360

LEGO Star Wars III - PC Games for Windows

Lego Star Wars III XBOX 360
PC Games for Windows
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Click to purchase:  Amazon   Ebay   Walmart

LEGO Star Wars III - Nintendo3DS

LEGO Star Wars 3 - Sony PSP

Star Wars 3 Nintendo3DS
Lego Star Wars III Sony PSP
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Click to purchase:  Amazon   Ebay  Walmart




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