Fisher Price Little People Toys

Little People Zoo
"Little People Zoo"
  • This Little People Zoo is a great way for children to learn about animals of all kinds.
  • On the Alphabet Trail they can press any letter to hear the beginning letter of that animal's name or the sound it makes.
  • 26 Animals Figures, zookeeper, car, food cart and more.
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Fisher-Price Little People Toys for Kids for Christmas

Little People Toys can entertain Little Ones for Hours ? Here we feature some of the more popular "LittlePeople Toys...Little People Toddler Toys...Little People Christmas Toys... from selected online shops.

Kids love the imagination of a pretend world with all their little people toys.

With the Little People Zoo your child can press on the music note to hear the A-B-C song with animal sounds or press on the question mark to answer questions about the animals they meet along the way. In addition to 26 animal figures you get the playmat, two fence pieces, waterfall, cave, tree with swing, zookeeper, car and food cart.

A very popular selection is the " Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stow'n Tow Garage" (shown below) where your child can store up to 15 Wheelies vehicles. Check out all the features associated with this garage.

Another great selection is the "Little People Airplane" (shown below). Your child can take flight while experiencing lights, sounds, talking and a fun sing-along song.

Every child needs to learn about life on the farm. The Little People Tactor helps with that. There is a trailer, cow, hay, pig, farmer figure and more.

For other great Little People selections check out the rest of this page and the offerings on

"Fisher Price Little People Garage"

"Little People Christmas Story"

Fisher Price Little People Garage
Little People Fisher Price Christmas Story
  • This sturdy, but lightweight garage is the perfect take-along toy for young imaginations.
  • This is the garage where Wheelies go when they need repair. There are two levels of real-life action and a colorful Wheelies™ tow truck.
  • Children can open and close two different garage doors to store cars inside.
  • The car wash at the top doubles as the carry handle.
  • After the wash connect the gas pump and fill'er up.
  • And then the car can go zooming down the curvy ramp to the open road.
  • Can hold up to 15 Wheelies vehicles - only one comes with this set.
  • more...
  • This is a Little People Christmas favorite with kids.
  • Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus share the stable with their animal friends in this Little People re-telling of the Christmas Story.
  • Place the angel atop the stable to activate the light-up star and hear the holiday favorite "Away in a Manger" play.
  • Figures include: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, Angel, Three Wise Men, 2 Donkeys, Camel, Sheep and Cow.
  • Set includes: Stable, Left and right stone walls with palm trees, Hay bale and Donkey's cart.
  • The perfect size for little hands and this set is the perfect introduction to the story of the birth of Christ for young children.
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"Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Airplane"

"Fisher-Price Little People Tow'n Pull Tractor"

Lil People Airplane
Little People Tractor
  • Your little pilot in training can let his or her imagination take flight with this stocky, swooshy, wiggly-wobbly airplane.
  • Measures: 12" nose to tail and 8" from wingtip to wingtip.
  • Features a pilot, 2 passengers, a piece of luggage, a door that opens, 6 windows, including the pilot's windshield, a handle over the cut-out top, working wheels (which make the pilot and passengers go up and down as if encountering turbulence) and the obligatory face on the front of the craft.
  • For more fun, push down on the pilot in her seat for flashing lights, a tune, flight attendant commentary and swooshing airplane sounds.
  • For ages 18 mos. to 3 years.
  • more...
  • Kids find this tractor and trailer a lot of fun.
  • The farmer sits in the drivers seat and directs all the action.
  • Load the cow onto the trailer and pull it along.
  • A fun surprise action happens when the pig pops up and down in the hay as your toddler pushes the vehicle along.
  • When your toddler puts the farmer in the driver's seat the toy either oinks, moos, makes a sound like a diesel engine, talks (as the farmer) or sings a little song about the tractor. It has several sound clips that it rotates through.
  • For ages 1 to 5 years.
  • Wheels roll easily and toy is very durable.
  • more...
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"Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home"

"Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess"

Little People Happy Sounds Home
Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace
  • This allows children to discover their very first home where they can act out family routines that they see everyday at home, or dream up some of their own.
  • Includes three cute, chunky figures (mom, dad, baby), a table, two chairs and high chair.
  • The home is filled with happy sounds; "Bubble, Bubble" in the bathtub, the "Swish-swish" of the washing machine and more.
  • After a busy day your child will want to put the family to bed. Place baby in her swinging basinet and then put Mom and Dad in their bed.
  • This Little People Happy Sounds home encourages toddlers to discover the world around them with toddler appropriate activities and the charm of Little People characters.
  • more...
  • Your little princess will love the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace.
  • Every time the doors of the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace open, your little one will hear a fanfare.
  • Each Little People Disney princess will be recognized and a response will be heard of her name, special phrases and a song.
  • There is an elevator to take the princesses to the balcony in royal fashion.
  • The palace includes 7 palace play areas.
  • Includes Cinderella an Snow White (Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jamine, Aurora and Belle sold separately).
  • Disney prince figures are also abailable and when you bring them to the palace, you will hear a waltz.
  • Recommended age: 18 months to 5 years.
  • more...
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